Rose Gardening Magazines – A Rare Breed!

 It is very strange that in a world flooded with roses, rose gardening magazines are hard to find.  In fact, there is only one authoritative magazine on roses.  The ‘American Rose’ brought out by the American Rose Society covers a wide range of topics within the rose domain.  This is the only printed magazine that is completely devoted to roses.  Right from the history of roses to each new discovery, you can be sure of regular updates on every notable event in the rose kingdom. 

The bi-monthly issues hold 84 glossy pages of excellent writing and stunning pictures.  The American Rose Society welcomes contributions from experienced rose gardeners but at the same time maintains a careful watch over what goes into each issue.  The end of year ‘American Rose Annual’ Nov-Dec issue has 44 bonus pages and gives a little more information than usual.    The high quality of this magazine attracts subscribers from all over the world and currently the ‘American Rose’ boasts of a 15000+ readership base from different countries. 

Whatever you need to know about starting and maintaining a rose garden is dealt with extensively in this magazine.  There are several highly informative articles on how to select your roses, how to plant, and how to maintain your rose garden.  The common diseases that affect rose plants, the diagnosis and treatment of the diseases, and how to prevent / minimize infection are also covered in detail.  Each issue is a bonanza for rose gardeners – both beginners and veterans.

There are several gardening magazines that also come out with a few articles on roses but there is no magazine that can yet beat the sheer quantity and quality of articles in the ‘American Rose’.  Some of the magazines that are pretty good buys for gardeners are Carolina Gardener, Mother Earth News, Florida Gardening, Fine Gardening, Better Home and Garden, Organic Gardening and the English Garden. But, if you are only interested in roses, you may have to check each issue and then buy. 

And, of course, there is no dearth of online magazines with a lot of information on roses.  The only problem though with online articles is that you can only read so much online without getting tired.  A printed magazine affords easier accessibility and a richer feel. 

The American Rose Society is currently seducing new members with two issues of ‘American Rose’ free of cost along with many other offers for those who opt for their trial membership.  You can view a sample copy on their website before you subscribe.